be part of the solution not the pollution
be part of the solution not the pollution
Be part of the solution not the pollution
      Be part of the solution not the pollution             


Our Mission 

"to provide reusable products that help reduce the impact of waste on the environment & to promote awareness of how to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle" 




Our Business Ethos is to be mindful at all times of how our activities, even indirectly, impact the environment.


  • We believe in as using as little packaging as possible unlike some other online retailers. Our packaging and tape is minimal and 100% recyclable.
  • We use suppliers who are environmentally friendly.
  • Cup sleeves/clutches are produced by a company who 'work with to plant a tree and offset the carbon footprint of producing the sleeve'. 
  • We supply Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Tea to rough sleepers and homeless. Taylors are planting a million trees in the UK and abroad to ensure habitat for future generations of wildlife & defence against soil erosion. 
  • The Product information you receive with your purchase is on paper that is recycled, recyclable and bleach free.

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